Choosing the Right Lawyer

There are many competent and capable lawyers in the area of criminal law. When choosing a lawyer to represent you with respect to a criminal matter, consider the following.

Consider choosing a lawyer who practices criminal law on a regular basis. Not only is it important that your lawyer is knowledgeable with respect to the law, but it is essential that he or she is familiar with any and all procedural components with respect to our criminal courts.

A criminal defence lawyer should represent you resolutely, without prejudice and without prior judgement. Your lawyer should have strong advocacy skills and fearlessly raise every defence available to you, while at the same time maintaining a standard of professionalism and remaining courteous and respectful with all parties involved in our criminal justice system.

A criminal defence lawyer should be honest and candid with each and every client. This means that a lawyer should advise you of both the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the case for the Crown Attorney. Your lawyer should advise you what the best possible outcome could be and what the worst possible outcome could be, and advise you accordingly.

A criminal defence lawyer must be willing to listen, be sympathetic, yet remain objective and provide appropriate legal advice based upon the facts of each case and how those facts apply to the law. When providing legal advice, your lawyer should ensure that you not only understand the legal advice being given to you, but also that you understand why he or she is recommending a particular course of action over another.

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